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Start of something new

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people. You know… the ones who get (almost) everything right and always just been in the fast lane through education and career. 

But that’s not me.

I’m more of the “I’ve had the greatest idea in the world, now I’ll give it all my attention for the next 6 months and riiiiiight before I hit the finish line… meh, let’s try something new and exciting” type of person. 

So…. am I just doomed for eternal failure and never-ending projects? I hope not.

I’ve had Schymerau Graphic since 2012 and I always tell myself that the reason I haven’t finished college yet is that I’ve been focusing on my business. 

Honestly, I’ve just been lazy.

I just want to skip all the boring school stuff, homework etc and get right to the fun part. Apparently, that’s not how life works and that’s something that has taken me a while to figure out. 

So yeah, here we are. At the beginning (of the end?).

Taking the first step

Everyone has to start somewhere and I’ve come to the realization that I can’t keep living like this. Just yoloing my way through life (Yoloing: The act of doing something stupid and you know the consequences but you end up doing it anyway). 

So… I’ve decided to start doing some productive with my life. Not that my photography isn’t productive. Or okay, maybe it’s not super productive because it’s only something I tend to do when I procrastinate from real life. 

It’s actually why I started this blog

I wanted to have a place where I can share my thoughts, progress, goals, et cetera, et cetera. I guess this would fall under the category “lifestyle”-blog. Well, at least for the time being. 

First things first. I decided to move my portfolio to and make it super simple so that it’s low maintenance. 

I think I nailed it. 

camilla rahbech portfolio

And as you might have guessed, this website will from now on be my personal blog. Don’t ask me why I switched my portfolio website to my personal blog and my personal blog to my portfolio website. I cannot give you a logical reason (probably because there isn’t one).

Wow, look at me. Just blabbing on and on. I’m not a writer and smooth conversations are not something that comes easily to me. 

To be honest, I’m just writing this post to be done with it. I’ve been searching a lot and it seems to me, there’s not really a recipe for the perfect first blog post. So I’m just sharing my thoughts, for the time being, and hopefully, I’ll get more comfortable with blogging with time and start writing some top quality blog posts that are actually useful.

…aaand look who got completely off tracks

I was talking about an epiphany about my life and the choices I make, I believe.

If we look at the bigger picture, my main goal is to become an astrophysicist. And don’t worry- I have it aaaall figured out. I made a plan:

  1. HTX (higher technical examination) 
  2. MSc in physics
  3. Ph.D. in astronomy

Easypeasy, right?

Let me tell you. As someone who always wants to skip right to the fun part; that’s a lot of studying and reading.  And it’ll take me some years to finish. But when I really want something, I’ll get it eventually.

patience is bitter but its fruit is so sweet
quote about patience

But enough about that

I’ve spend a good amount of time writing this so I’ll start finishing up now. I don’t want to make a lot of promises as to what you can expect from my little corner on the internet.

Or okay, one promise; my entries will have a lot more meaning and sense to them, than this first post. That I can promise.

But I’ll head to bed now, so sleep tight!

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