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40 Amazing Instagram Post Ideas » by Camilla Rahbech | Blogging tips, Self-improvement & Lifestyle

40 Amazing Instagram Photo Ideas

It’s time for some Instagram Thurspiration (Thursday Inspiration, yes?). I made a list with 40 amazing Instagram photo ideas to keep you inspired for a month of Instagramming.

As I talked about in my previous post, one of my goals is to post more frequently on social media. So I think this is a perfect opportunity to create (another list) about… You guessed it: Instagram photo ideas. I tried coming up with something that’s suitable for every type of Instagrammer. I hope I succeeded!

Why is it important to plan your posts?

A rookie’s perspective.

Truth be told; I don’t plan my Instagram post. But my Instagram is only mediocre. There’s no consistency to it, and I post whatever I feel like when I feel like. I used to live without a phone meaning I had no way of accessing Instagram. So I guess I missed out on the transformation from posting random stuff with your friends to using it for business purposes and having consistency. Planning an Instagram post seems nuts to me. Instagram posts are supposed to be a fresh picture, not something that’s been lying on hold for a month, right? I have a lot to learn. 

To get back on track: Why do you need to plan your posts?

So… I’m not a planner by nature, I can’t come up with a plan and then stick to it. I’m impulsive and can never make up my mind. So what I plan to post for tomorrow isn’t what I’m going to post (tomorrow). Are you with me?

I mean… Have a look at this…

This is terrible. Individually, they’re OK pictures but looking at my feed I feel ashamed and want to delete my pictures. Okay, maybe I’m being pretty harsh on myself right now. Sorry me. 

So maybe, a little planning couldn’t hurt.

Which brings me back to my topic It’s hard to come up with original ideas every single day (for some, maybe even twice or three times a day), so I thought I’d help myself a little on the way with this list, and maybe it can help you as well.

40 Instagram Photo Ideas

For every type of Instagrammer

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. A self-portrait
  3. An inspirational quote
  4. What are you working on?
  5. Something you can’t live without
  6. Throwback photo
  7. A quick tip
  8. Your favorite corner of your home
  9. What keeps you inspired?
  10. Your workspace
  11. Share a recent blog entry
  12. Outfit of the day
  13. Before/after picture
  14. Where are you from?
  15. Show off something you love
  16. Polaroid photos
  17. Something goofy
  18. Your favorite place
  19. A “Behind the Scenes”
  20. Highlight a product or service
  21. Style a flatlay
  22. “A day in the life”-shot
  23. A recommendation
  24. Take a Boomerang (the Instagram sister app)
  25. Outfit from above
  26. A picture of some flowers/a plant
  27. A travel picture
  28. Your to-do list
  29. Your favorite tools
  30. A question for your followers
  31. Your pets
  32. Your current goals
  33. Current obsessions
  34. Share your milestones
  35. Give a sneak peak on something you’re currently working on.
  36. Time management tips
  37. Host a challenge
  38. A “how to”-tutorial
  39. Make a shout out to someone who inspires you
  40. Share something you’ve learned recently

These were my post ideas

I tried making them as allround as possible, so it’s suitable for everyone. If you have any other ideas feel free to share them with us in the comments. I can’t possibly be the only one who struggles with coming up with ideas for Instagram (or other social media platforms). 

Do you have any Instagram Post Ideas?

40 Amazing Instagram Photo Ideas | It's time for some Instagram inspiration. I made a list with 40 amazing Instagram photo ideas to keep you inspired for a month of instagraming.
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  • Reply Hina

    My fav ideas are:
    1) A “how to”-tutorial
    2) Make a shout out to someone who inspires you
    3) A “Behind the Scenes”

    Thank you for the wonderful idea’s! It can be nerve wrecking to figure out what to post on Instagram every single day! 🙂 This helps!

    13. September 2018 at 16:33
  • Reply simone

    Really good ideas! 🙂

    13. September 2018 at 18:13
  • Reply Mrs. SBF

    Great list of ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    16. September 2018 at 16:37
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