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    40 Amazing Instagram Post Ideas » by Camilla Rahbech | Blogging tips, Self-improvement & Lifestyle

    40 Amazing Instagram Photo Ideas

    It’s time for some Instagram Thurspiration (Thursday Inspiration, yes?). I made a list with 40 amazing Instagram photo ideas to keep you inspired for a month of Instagramming.

    As I talked about in my previous post, one of my goals is to post more frequently on social media. So I think this is a perfect opportunity to create (another list) about… You guessed it: Instagram photo ideas. I tried coming up with something that’s suitable for every type of Instagrammer. I hope I succeeded!

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    August Round-up: 1 Month of Blogging », Camilla Rahbech.

    August Roundup: One Month of Blogging

    How in the world did I manage to get 8,400 unique visitors, in my first month of blogging? How much have I been blogging and more important; what’re my goals for next month?

    First things first,

    I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted to.

    Honestly? I think it’s because I haven’t made a plan. I’ve just been blogging whenever I feel like it, about what I feel like. Suddenly, 3 weeks have passed, and I haven’t written a single blog post. That’s actually why I decided to start this… can you call it blog series? I want to become better at blogging and spend more time doing it, rather than my endless procrastination tendencies.

    So I’m trying, in my own way, to try and make a plan. Instead of writing in a document, I keep for myself, I want to share everything with you. 

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    53 Blog Post Ideas For When You Have Nothing To Write About

    Do you need inspiration for blog post ideas? Take a look through this list of 53 blog post ideas for bloggers. I’ll divide them into categories as appropriate, so you easily can find some ideas for your niche. They’re divided into five sections: Blogging, photography, life, social media and miscellaneous.

    In a couple of days I’ll have a treat for you; a loooooong list full of resources for starting a blog. Original much? Maybe not, but I love these kinds of posts so I thought I’d make my own! It, however, takes a lot more time than I initially thought, so that’s why I decided to make this post in the meantime.

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    How to Achieve Your Goals With Free Printable

    I’m terrible at setting a goal and achieving it. I’m a master procrastinator. But I’ve skipped school three days in a row now, and I just thought to myself: “I NEED A PLAN! This, right here, isn’t working.” It’s just a bonus that I could make it into a blog post.

    I needed to make a map, which I’ve prepared now. It’s a good plan, which is why I’m sharing it with you. To be honest, I have no idea if this system works, but hang on through this post, and I’ll let you be the judge of that. We’re going to have so much fun; this includes a lot of brain dumping and lists; who doesn’t enjoy those? AND!! I made 8 pages of this fun, put together in a free printable, just for you, so you don’t have to do as much work!

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    How To Overcome Your Fears For Good!

    Fears. We all have them: “What if I crash and burn?”, “that’s too precarious,” and “maybe I’ll take the chance when the next opportunity arrives.” Seems familiar? … Perhaps not, I professedly could’ve come up with some better examples. But as the title promises, I’m going to speak about fears and how to overcome them, in this entry. Because who here doesn’t have something they’re too terrified to do?

    I’m a little bit of a coward myself. I try too hard to fit in; to be like everyone else. That’s how I’ve been for the last 12-ish years, and it’s a pile of b*llshit. I’m unique, and my way of thinking creates hundreds of good ideas in a day. But I never implement them because it doesn’t follow the social norm. And to clarify: I have no idea if it actually is the social norm or not. It’s just an image I created in my head of how I assume people expect me to be.

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    A bit about the girl behind the screen

    I should probably introduce myself; who’s the girl behind the screen? That’s a rather good question, I’m not even sure. Contrary to what most blogs suggest, I’m not going to start by telling you about what I have to offer; it’ll come in time. Right now, I’m still trying to figure out that part. In other words, I’m just writing at the moment and taking things as they come. I know, I know, that’s not very professional of me. But if it were any other way, I wouldn’t be authentic to myself.

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    Start of something new

    I’ve always wanted to be one of those people. You know… the ones who get (almost) everything right and always just been in the fast lane through education and career. 

    But that’s not me.

    I’m more of the “I’ve had the greatest idea in the world, now I’ll give it all my attention for the next 6 months and riiiiiight before I hit the finish line… meh, let’s try something new and exciting” type of person. 

    So…. am I just doomed for eternal failure and never-ending projects? I hope not.

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